HotKeyz Work faster and more efficiently by using your keyboard instead of your mouse. HotKeyz is a keyboard utility that will boost your productivity and it is really fun to use! HotKeyz lets you easily create and maintain a categorized list of your hotkeys. Each hotkey, a key combination on your keyboard, will launch a command. You decide which commands go with which hotkeys. Some of these commands are internal HotKeyz commands and the rest are Windows commands. HotKeyz will help you to manage repetitive tasks on your PC with speed

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HotKey Magic 1.3.1

HotKey Magic helps you consolidate your most frequently used programs, files, and folders, into a single launch-pad. HotKey Magic puts your favorite programs at your finger-tips with the magic key combination! Assigning hotkeys is a snap with HotKey Magic. You can drag and drop an existing shortcut into the HotKey Magic main window, assign a hotkey combination, and your through! In addition to being able to launch your programs using HotKeys you

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ICQ Emotion HotKey

HotKey, till the moment you realize that such a significant amount of time and energy can be saved with the help of this useful hotkey manager! ICQ Emotion HotKey has an eye-pleasing and totally simplistic interface. All of its features are available on a right mouse click on a small but eye-catching tray icon. You may also optionally "freeze the hotkeys", which means that none of the hotkeys will work, in comparison to some other programs ready

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Topalt Hotkeys for Outlook 3.12: Hotkeys Utility for Microsoft Outlook
Topalt Hotkeys for Outlook 3.12

hotkeys for Outlook with Topalt Hotkeys. Insert predefined text with a hotkey (can be used as canned responses tool). Quickly navigate (switch) between Outlook folders using hotkeys. Send a desktop screenshot with one click. And it`s FREE! Main Benefits Is free. Easy to use for beginners, powerful for advanced users. No complex wizard to go thru. Can be run with one mouse click. Can create hotkeys to insert predefined text. Can create hotkeys to

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TapTap Hotkey Extender 1.03.01: TapTap can detect doubletap ctrl, shift, etc keys and simulate normal hotkeys.
TapTap Hotkey Extender 1.03.01

TapTap Hotkey Extender is a tiny super-efficient tray-based utility (under 100k) for keyboard fanatics. It monitors for certain unusual hotkey combinations (like doubletap right shift key). When such hotkey combinations are detected, TapTap simulates a normal hotkey that the user has configured. In this way, you can configure any of your programs to respond to these extended hotkey events as if they supported it natively.

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MMHotkeys 1.1: Multimedia hotkeys, change soundcard/ display settings with hotkeys.
MMHotkeys 1.1

hotkeys. Ideal for musicians, multimedia technicians or home users who need instant control of sound settings. (Instant mute when the phone rings!) User definable hotkeys enable you to select only the features of the utility that you require and define your own hotkeys simply by pressing them. Runs silently in the background and is configured using the MMHotkey configuration utility. MMHotkey does not clutter up the system tray with yet another seldom

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Hotkey Commander 1.0: Manage hotkeys in your system.Disable/Override them with new keystroke strategy.
Hotkey Commander 1.0

Explore and manage hotkeys in your system. Find out what hotkey combination is in use by which program. Disable or Override them with a brand-new keystroke strategy including key combinations and sequences. Make hotkeys functioning or not under particular conditions like "after holding down for 3 seconds", or "if some predefined applications are active". Define hotkeys to simulate multimedia keyboard extra keys, customized functions and macros.

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